The Journey Begins (God Help Us All)

hellothere my nameis tiredhamster and weclem t my blog,i hope you likeit it will have lots of wrtign i like writng ty. 🙂

(20 Years Later…)

Oh yeah. I forgot about this thing. I was going to start this blog, but then forgot…for about 20 years. Though it’s probably okay to just start where I left off since my writing skill hasn’t really improved in the past 20 years.

Anyway, no more delays. What’s the purpose of this blog? What is the business plan? Well, shareholders, here are the 3 primary goals of the tiredhamster blog for the next fiscal year:

  • Discuss the process and craft of writing.
  • Discuss other people’s writings.
  • Discuss personal projects.

As you can tell this blog is going to be terrible. Well, that’s okay because fortunately for us the internet is just a massive landfill, so what’s one more non-functioning, putrid-smelling blog? Hooray!

Anyway, that’s a basic summary of what we hope to achieve for the next fiscal year. As for long-term goals we don’t really have any, so we’re just going to wing it. Did you think Apple or Microsoft knew what they were doing half the time? Perhaps.

So, you might be wondering: how am I like Steve Jobs? Well, in response I put forth the question: how is Steve Jobs like me, tiredhamster? Well, we’re both dead.

Also, like Steve Jobs, I am a simple, white male bent on world domination. That’s right: on a surface-level this blog will mainly focus on writing and other creative pursuits, but the true goal is to slowly and systematically take over the internet and, by extension, the globe. Not really sure why I want to do this since I can barely handle basic responsibilities, but a man needs something to strive for.

And that’s why we are both here. Because we are all looking for something. Or because we’re just bored. Yeah, it’s probably that last thing. Anyway, thankyu for readding an dhop you continu to reed2.:)   kbye.