Contributing to the Landfill (Plans, Projects and Podcasts)

Do you ever walk by your neighborhood landfill and think, “hm, you know what? This could use even more shit!” That’s how I feel everyday, and that is why I’ve decided to start a podcast. That’s right. I’m throwing my hat into the never-ending garbage pile of unheard internet voices (…yay…) Here are some of my justifications for further polluting the internet landscape:

  1. Coworkers and others have stated that I should start a podcast. Either because they think I’m funny, or because they want me to stop rambling on company time. Either way this seems like a good reason.
  2. It’s always something I kinda wanted to do cause I need a hobby other than sleeping and watching random clips of The Wire on Youtube.
  3. General feelings of self-importance.

So, what’s this podcast going to be anyway? Well, I envision something similar Bill Burr’s podcast, except I’m not funny, so it’ll be different.

I’m also thinking about contributing to the internet landfill by starting my own serial fiction series, or webfiction series. Or whatever it’s called nowadays. If you don’t know what that is, it’s basically a webcomic without pictures, or similar to what Charles Dickens and others used to sometimes do with their novels in ancient times: releasing them one chapter or so at a time in a magazine or literary journal. Except now, some people publish their novels or series online in weekly segments. Now, what are my reasons for doing this? Well:

  1. eehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Anyway, I have a couple of ideas for a web series. One being about a lonely pizza deliveryman with each episode centering on some sort of escapade/struggle of his, whether it’s dealing with some sort of supernatural entity that refuses to tip, or something more mundane. It would be like the X-Files meets Papa John’s.

But we’ll see how that goes. (Or not. Life is fickle that way.)

Memes aside though, with webfiction I’m hoping to communicate ideas in a different way, by combining “high literature” with techniques from television serials. And with the podcast I would like to be able to entertain at least some people, if possible, or at the very least entertain myself. All very solipsistic, I know.

I will also continue posting here of course–describing the progress of these half-baked plans or writing about random topics to the joy of everyone.

Keep you posted, random person who stumbled across this post on accident.

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