Creating a Web Fiction Series – Episode Five: A World Pretty Much Like Our Own

Okay, so we’ve got our main character. And he’s amazing. But what about the other characters? They have to be interesting as well in order to enrich the narrative. Or something literary like that. And also, I also want to write episodes in my series that don’t always focus on the main character. I would also like to jump around different perspectives as well because, while Burt is going to be the main character, I also want the story to be about more than just him.

Anyway, here’s a list of some other characters that Burt has to brush against, whether he wants to or not. First, someone close to him:

Jane Romero – Burt’s sister. She has ran Romero’s Pizza ever since the death of their father, Lucas. She not only wants to keep the family tradition alive, but she also wants to expand Romero’s Pizza into a successful franchise. She is ambitious, unlike her brother, but also fraught with insecurity. She also isn’t sure about how to reconcile her two goals regarding the family business: to maintain the pizzeria’s history and identity, and to “outdo” her father and make Romero’s a successful chain.

Jane could be considered the other “main character” as well as a foil for Burt. While Burt doesn’t seem to have any ambition and has “given-up” Jane is tenacious; Burt, on the other hand, while he knows he should care about the business, feels like it’s a chain and that it’s making Jane miserable. They care for each other, but are also too different and misunderstand the other. What I’m not sure about yet, however, is whether or not she’s oblivious or in denial of the shit Burt goes through on every pizza delivery, ranging from dealing with monsters or elderly perverts.

Here’s notes for the rest of the “main cast” that may or may not make the cut:

Lucas Romero – Burt and Jane’s father; is already dead at the beginning of the series. Not sure yet how he croaked; maybe he got stuck in the walk-in freezer, or just had a heart attack, or maybe his death was the result of some greater conspiracy. Anyway, nice guy and most people in the town liked and respected him, including his competitors, but he seemed more wrapped-up in the business than in taking care of the business, especially after his wife left him. Also, not sure if he should show up periodically as a ghost or not. Yeah.

Linda Romero – Burt and Jane’s mother; still very much alive, but a bit broken since the wake of her husband’s death and has become something of a hoarder. Burt and Jane debate about what to do about her “condition” while Linda herself fails to see what is wrong with her, if anything.

Mitch Henderson – A loser and NERRDD who hangs out at the pizzeria and spouts of conspiracy theories. Was also one of Burt’s friends from high school. They’ve however grown apart over the years as Mitch has become a manchild steeped in conspiracy theories. A comedic relief who is boisterous about his beliefs and, at least claims to, doesn’t care about what others think. Also lusts after Jane.

Charles Henley – Another of Burt’s former high school friends who has since won the lottery and has become a major business owner in the town. Almost has become a Jay Gatsby-esque figure who believes doesn’t deserve his wealth.

Roach – A shadowy figure who is linked to the recent rise in drug use in the town. There is debate about whether he (or she) is even real at all.


And there are other characters that will populate the world. The world being a small town in the desert called Weaverton. Nothing really notable about the town and it’s not going to be the “cliché charming small town with a dark secret.” It’s just going to be like anything other town (but with the occasional ghost or monster lingering about) that will serve as a microcosm for human civilization. With these characters and the town I’m hoping to address issues ranging from the political to the universal. Because while this fiction series will be on the silly side I’m hoping to also say something with it as well. Basically Weaverton is going to be to this series what the real city of Baltimore is to The Wire. I want this world to seem singular and real while also reflective of the rest of humanity.

I’ve written some notes for the characters and the setting and will likely do more research, before I start the series and as it progresses.

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