Creating a Web Fiction Series – Episode Seven: The Joys of Outlining

“Say, whatever happened to tiredhamser?”

“Yeah, what happened to him? We need more tiredhamster!”

“Tiredhamster!” *looks underneath bed* “tiredhamster!”

*Runs down the street, half-naked for some reason* “tiredhamster! My God! We’re sorry! Please come back! We neeeeed you!”

Oh guys, it’s alright. Don’t worry. I’m still here. I’m still alive. (Unfortunately.) Haha, just kidding. I love life…

Anyway, it’s been ages since I’ve last posted. I’ve been busy. I’m a busy man. But that’s no excuse. Because I’ve got a web fiction series to write that no one will read.

So, outlining…to be honest, I kind of hate outlining. Back in school teachers would always tell me to “outline your essays.” And guess what? I never did . And you know what? I got mediocre grades. So who’s laughing now? Assholes.

But the reason I hate outlining is because I feel like it makes one’s writing too “rigid” and I always ended-up deviating from the outline I’ve made anyway. But what I mean by “rigid” is that sometimes you have to let stories take their “natural course” even if you don’t like that direction, or if it’s something contrary to your original plans. I’m not saying outlining, or even having a basic outline, is a bad idea, but the best writing is also organic, or at least seems to be. Writers have to be open to changing their planned course if it benefits the story.

So, I’ve created a basic outline (very basic) that gives me some little wiggle-room. I kinda have an idea of how it will begin and how it will end. It’s just that pesky “everything else” business that’s going to be a little tough.

But the reason I’ve decided to do an outline anyway is because I realized that since this going to be kind of a big project I need a decent foundation to build off of while ensuring things don’t go out-of-hand.

However, I should also mention something. I did something a little dumb…I started a different fiction series on a whim. You know, just because. It’s called I Don’t Need This Anymore and so far it’s about a surfer who wants to catch “the big wave,” and it’s fucking great. I mostly started writing this because I’m trying to distract myself from this web fiction series while still trying to write. This is probably a horrible idea, but again, I did it on a whim so don’t judge me (please.)

It also could be a good thing though as it allows me to flex my writing muscles (even though the story is shit so far) and lets them creative juices flow. I still want to write the more “serious” web fiction series, of course. You know, the one about a pizza deliveryman stumbling upon monsters and stuff…

Anyway, I guess I’m going to actually starting writing the first installments of this thing and guess I’ll write about that. The “dumb series” that I’ve already started is on Wattpad, but for this series I’m going to dedicate its own site probably. Maybe I’ll also post it on Wattpad as well for additional exposure. Speaking of Wattpad, there are some interesting stories on there. Just throwing that out there.