Creating a Web Fiction Series – Episode Eight: Living Through an Idea-Drought (Also Title Reveal!)

So, I discontinued the (very) short-lived project that I started on a whim called “I Don’t Need This Anymore”. In case you aren’t one of the 1 people who actually read it, the story was about a teenage surfer who, in trying to catch “the big wave” gets swept out into the ocean during a storm and awakens on an island populated by “dead” celebrities like Tupac Shakur, Kurt Cobain, and Hitler. I discontinued it because, well, it was kind of dumb, and literally no one was reading it.

The reason I started writing it though was pretty obvious: I needed to write something and this web series I’m working on so far is taking a lot of time to plan-out.

However, I’ve started to write some stories and ideas for this thing, but as I’ve been writing I’ve realized a lot of the ideas I’ve been coming with aren’t, well, good. So I guess it’s not so much an idea-drought, but an idea-swamp overpopulated with cliches, bad characterizations, and other nonsense. Gross!

As a result I’ve been trying to rethink things like tone and characterization. Unfortunately, I’ve also been busy with general life stuff so I haven’t been able to focus on it as much as I would like. But ayyyyyyyyyyyy, that’s life, amirite?

And did I ever reveal the title I’ve settled on for this thing? I might have, but I honestly don’t feel like checking my previous posts so here it is: The Great Romero. Not a bad title, eh?

Anyway, now that I’ve given it a name, I’m now considering just abandoning it (for the moment! Not forever!) and starting something smaller and less ambitious. Something like “I Don’t Need This Anymore” but hopefully less terrible. But, at the end of the day, I should try to at least focus on something.

God this post was pointless. Anyway, here’s a puppy dressed-up like a unicorn:

boston terrier wearing unicorn pet costume
Photo by mark glancy on (I certainly didn’t take this–my dogs don’t tolerate me enough to humiliate them in such an adorable fashion.)