Creating a Web Fiction Series – Episode Nine: Struggling with Tone and Direction (And Everything Else)

So, it’s been awhile. Again. That isn’t to say I haven’t been writing anything. I have. It’s just that what I have been writing hasn’t been very good. But one of the major issues I’ve come across has been tone. Tonally what I’ve been writing has been a little weird. The problem is that I have so many ideas as to what I want this series to be. I want it to be comedic, but also dramatic. A slice-of-life, but also have an over-arching plot. I want one-off stories a la The Twilight Zone, but also arcs and continuity. It’s become a bit too ambitious is what I’m saying. And whatever I’ve written so far just hasn’t felt write, but because it doesn’t match my impossible vision, and also because the writing on its own hasn’t been very good.

Another issue is that of character. While I’ve written a little bit about the characters, actually trying to write them has been far more difficult. So, as a result, I’ve been thinking about either a) changing my plans for the series or b) start working on a different project to help refine my writing. Because I feel like if I could get The Great Romero off the ground, it could be good or, at the very least, be an interesting failure. But I’ve also been thinking about working on a less ambitious project in the meantime. Or not. I don’t know.


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