Indecision – Fiction

One day, God was peering down from Heaven with a troubled expression. Todd noticed this and floated toward Him.

Todd: Hi God. Why the long face? (Todd is a buddy of God’s.)

God: Oh, hi Todd. I was just…well…see that island down there? The one with the trees? It’s about to be completely submerged by this tidal wave over here, and I’m just wondering whether I should save the inhabitants, or just let the wave go to town on them. It’s just so hard to decide…

Todd: Um, maybe you could save them?

God: Hm. I guess…or I could just let them all drown and die horrible deaths. Both choices seem equally valid.

Todd: But aren’t humans created in your image?

God: Maybe I can make the tidal wave even bigger. Gets parts of the mainland as well. Yes…

Todd: But-but, what if the people down there are all good Christians? And believe and worship you.

God: Heh. That would make for some nice poetic irony. Following everything by the book only to be killed by water. Yeah, I like that. Good point, Todd.

Todd: Wait, what?

God: No, wait. None of the islanders are Christian. Hell, they haven’t even heard of me. Bah. Guess I’ll let them live.

And with a swipe of his hand, God sent the tidal wave cascading in a different direction. And all was good.

Response to Your Daily Word Prompt – Indecision – June 23, 2019.

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