The day squirms underneath
this eye. A trembling begins
between crevices; shadows become
the new voice, dictating.

Sky bleeds into fog,
but it’s not enough.
The houses, now silhouettes,
still know their place
as I search through
their silence.

There is still something
here, I was told, solid
among broken structures.
Bones peeking from the old
ash know things. The mist
dreams up a new world,
and I walk back onto the road,

In response to the Word of the Day Challenge: GLIMPSE.

dVerse Open Link Night.

NOTE 9/1/19: Edited the final line, removing the final phrase “from the ghostly maw.”

7 thoughts on “Glimpse

    1. Your comment reminds me of near the end of F is for Fake, the Orson Welles doc, when he talks about the cathedral of Chartes. Our legacies and monuments eventually fade into ruin, but the world carries on. We don’t have control over the universe, but at least we can focus on trying to make most of the present and ensure that the future is sustainable for coming generations.


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