12-Minute Tales – The Marty Philosophy

“‘Never burn a bridge you could push them off later.’ Hm. That’s a strange thing to put on a gravestone,” Marty said to no one in particular. “I wonder what kind of person this guy was. Sounds like a true Machiavellian.” He shrugged and continued his walk through the cemetery.

“Maybe he just really reveled in revenge. But I just can’t imagine living a life that way. Better to let things slide. That’s the Marty philosophy!” However, as Marty strolled by the endless stones he thought about how in just a few decades some of these names will be forgotten. And many years afterwards, these sacred sites will no longer be sacred. Centuries from now, Marty speculated, will summon archaeologists hunting for the secrets that only ancient bones held. We’d like to think things are sacred, but give enough time, and everything becomes fair game.

Eventually, Marty sat down underneath a tree. A warm breeze rolled over him. The rustle of leaves overhead. He closed his eyes. Marty was homeless, but it was moments like this where it didn’t seem to matter anymore. He didn’t feel so much free, but rather like nothing as the world softly pulsed around him. He could feel himself dissolving into the softness of air.

He opened his eyes and listened as his stomach murmured and gasped. Strange noises, but they weren’t painful, at least not yet. He stood-up, brushed himself off, and let the world carry him off again.

“Did any of these people let go,” he said, “did they ever find peace? What does peace look like anyway? It’s just a word. Maybe there’s really no such thing. Just a passing moment, like happiness or sorrow. Maybe we’re just vessels for outside things.” As he walked a speed-walker passed by him at a brisk pace. “Hm, who exercises in a graveyard. Then again, look at me!” He laughed to himself, though no one heard him.


Written for First Line Friday. Somehow, it took me 12 minutes to write these measly paragraphs though I might revisit this story later. There might be something interesting here than can be expanded upon, but for now it’s just an odd look at an even odder character.

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