12-Minute Tales – Marcus the Magnificent, Part III

Part I
Part II

dear mama and papa,

i hope this letter finds you well. Things have been going well, i guess. No, actually i hate this place. I hate it alot. Ever since coming here they have forced me to take classes on adventuring. Fighting with swords, lerning the basiks of potions. Its been terible. Why cant i just go home? I dont want to be an adventurer.

selenius from back home is here. Its not seeing someone i now, but she is just way into the hole adventuring thing. In combat training she beat me at least seven times and now my nees are all blody. I dont like this place at all. The dorms are all cold and the teachers are relly weird and try to test you. Last nite when i was trying to sleep they said that there was a bugbear in the basement and some of us had to go in fight cause all the other teachers were gone. This was clearly a lie so i went back to bed instead while the others fought the beast. Turns it out it was one of the teachers who used some sort of spel to look like a beast. It was so dum. I saw right through it but i end up getting punished and have to clean the cafeteria. But i dont mind cleaning. When im alone no one talks to me about fighting spirit walkers and becoming heros. I can just be alone in my thouts. Thats all i want.

But last week they gave us all eggs. Theyre supposed to hatch and become our familiers which are creatures that becom our companions. But im pretty sure myne is just a rock. It hasnt hatched and it looks like a rock, but Sir Edger, the weirdo with the orange mustash kept sayin its an egg and that mine is a special egg and culd be a dragon. No. i dont want a dragon to hatch an eat me. I want to go home i hate it here. Everyone is dumb and silly and just want to go on umb stupid adventurers instead of hardwork that people have to really do. why cant i—

Marcus stopped writing and stared down at all he had written. He wanted to throw his quill and smash everything in the room, but instead his face turned red as he seethed in his chair. Something stopped him from going on a rampage. Maybe it’s how his parents always taught not to complain, but to instead “do what needs to be done.” Marcus sighed and continued writing.

–but i now that this is something i have to do. I have no chose so i cant complane. I whish things were better but maybe they wil be soon. Also they taught me how to red and write for some reson. I hate reding. Its boring. Anyway i hope the winter seson isnt too bad. Miss you.

With love,


“Done yet,” the owl perched on the windowsill scowled at him. Marcus gently rolled the letter and tied a ribbon around it before handing it to the owl. The owl snapped it away with one of its talons and disappeared into the darkened night. Marcus sat before the empty desk for a few minutes before silencing the candle.

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