12-Minute Tales – Marcus the Magnificent, Part V

Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV

The forest fell to silence as the blood seeped into the road. Sir Edger pulled his blade from the belly of the direwolf and watched as the light exited its eye. He sheathed his sword and surveyed the scene. The group had successfully dismantled a pack of direwolves with no injury on their part. Not bad for a band of younglings.

“Samnor, nice job on getting the jump, but your aim still needs a little work.” Samnor nodded as he tried pulling one of his arrows from the bark of a nearby tree. “And Hajar, charming one of the wolves so that it turns on its brethren was risky, but it worked. Nicely done. And Marcus as for you…where’s Marcus?” The group looked at each other and shrugged. “Great…”

What they didn’t know was, as the wolves descended upon them Marcus had fled from the road and into the woods until he fell into a ditch where he remained for the duration of the battle. He sat at the bottom, eyes quivering, his face red, his body shaking.

Minutes passed. The echoes of battle whimpered into silence, but Marcus remained in the ditch, pressing his face into his hands. “I just want to go home…” But then, footsteps. His heart raced in its place and his eyes shot up to the opening of the ditch. Watching. The footsteps were slow, but grew louder. He clutched his rock, er, companion egg.

But then the footsteps stopped, and a face appeared above him. And without thinking Marcus hurled his egg at the face. And missed. Terribly.

Don’t know how it took me 12 minutes to write only this. But here you go. Not sure how many more installments I will write. Probably until I reach a “natural end.” Anyway, hope you enjoy. And if you don’t then ehhhhhhhh. 


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