12-Minute Tales – Marcus the Magnificent, Part VI

Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV
Part V

“Hey! What did you do that for? It’s just me.” Marcus saw Selenious’ face above him at the edge of the ditch. “Need help?”

Marcus didn’t say anything. He was distraught. All of his feelings seemed to have drained from him, seeping into the dirt underneath him. “Come on. Everyone is worried. We can’t go on without you…” Without thinking, Marcus attempted to crawl the side of the ditch. “Give me your hand.” Selenious pulled him out. “You almost hit me you know…what’s wrong?” Marcus sat on the ground. A part of him wanted to pour everything out, but it was pointless. There was no way that he was going home, and it was worthless to complain. In fact, it only hurt more.

“Come on. Let’s join the others. We got to get to those mines!” But then she stopped, her eyes darting over to a nearby tree. “What? Was that your egg that you threw at me?”

Marcus feebly nodded as he got up.

“Marcus! You shouldn’t have done that! It’s your companion!” She marched over toward the base of the tree where Marcus’s egg lied. “Here. Give me your hand.” Selenious sat the egg in Marcus’ glove. “Wait a second. Look.” But Marcus didn’t look, still distraught from, well, everything. “Is that a crack?” Finally, his eyes fell downward and there he saw the thin lines forming, and underneath the lines was movement, growing.

“Marcus, I think it’s hatching!”

His eyes widened. He didn’t know what to think. He had been taught the legends of past heroes and how they met their first companions. And how, quite often, it were the companion creatures that spurred them into great adventures, even when they didn’t want to. A sense of dread washed over him, but at the same time, he couldn’t help but hone in on the vibrations. The push and tug of a life coming to be, all within the palm of his hand. Something…miraculous…

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