12-Minute Tales – Marcus the Magnificent, Part VII

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Part VI

“We must slay it!”

“What? No! Stop it!”

But Selenious didn’t listen. Her blade hovered in front of its neck. The goblin shivered in fear against the trunk of the tree.

It was just moments before that Marcus and Selenious were watching with gleaming eyes as the egg wriggled with life. But as its shell cracked and pieces fell, it became quite clear that something was amiss. Instead of a young dragon, a tiny, oily green face peered out. It was a tiny goblin and its breath was truly foul was it burped.

Once fully hatched it explained that it was trying to get into the academy until some young spellcasters decided to pull a prank on it and entrap it within an egg.

“What were you doing around our academy, fiend!”

“Well, if you must know…” The goblin went on to explain how it grew-up with its horde of goblins which did nothing but rob and pillage poor farm towns. But he didn’t want to do this anymore. Instead, he wanted to adventure, and perform noble deeds for even the humblest of creatures. However, before the goblin could explain further, Selenious pulled out her sword.

Now, Selenious inched closer toward the shivering nob of flesh. Marcus shook his head. “But, it hasn’t done anything! And plus…he’s my familiar…”

He could sense the confusion wash over Selenious. She hesitated, but then she composed herself and straightened her blade. “Don’t be ridiculous. They can always get you a new familiar. And besides, do you really trust a goblin that was trying to sneak into the academy. He probably wanted to steal our ancient spell scrolls!”

“That-that’s not true! I-I…”

“SHUT UP FIEND and face your doom!” But as Selenious was about to plunge her sword a large hand grasped hers.

“Now, what is going on here?” It was Sir Edger. Selenious explained the situation in which Edger turned to Marcus. “Is this true?”

“I-I guess. But isn’t it wrong to just kill…I mean, I know it’s a goblin. But…” Marcus caught a glimpse of its ugly face which frowned and begged.

“Marcus,” Edger said, “you have the makings of a wise warrior who contemplates battle before engaging it, but it’s a goblin. And adventurers must slay goblins. Selenious. Please proceed. Now fellow students, watch her form…”

There was nothing Marcus could do. He turned away as the goblin let out a final yelp.

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