FTWT – It’s Over

Late Afternoon. Man standing on a street corner. A man wearing a business suit approaches him.

Business Man: Excuse me sir. I would like to buy some heroin please.

The man squints at him. 

Street Corner Guy: What?

Business Man: I said, I would like to purchase some of your finest heroin please. I have already written the check.

Street Corner Guy: Um sir…there is no more heroin.

Business Man: …what?

Street Corner Guy: Yeah, didn’t you hear? The War on Drugs. It’s over.

Business Man: Wha-what? Already?

Street Corner Guy: Uh-huh.

Business Man: Wow. Huh. So that means no more drugs?

Street Corner Guy: Yup. They won. We lost. So no more drugs. 

Business Man: Okay…Hm…So there goes my weekend…Do you sell anything then?

Street Corner Guy: Just tacos.

Business Man: Tacos? Is that–

Street Corner Guy: It’s not code for anything. Just tacos. 

Business Man: Are they illegal tacos?

Street Corner Guy: No.

Business Man: Aw.

Street Corner Guy: I bought ‘em last week. Interested?

Business Man: No thanks. It’ll mess with my diet. But good luck with the business.

Street Corner Guy: That’s very nice of you. Gotta get those kids into college somehow.

And that’s it. That’s the end of the story. And “FTWT” stands for “First Thought, Worst Thought”, another thing I’m doing where I just write stories by typing whatever comes to mind. It’s a pretty terrible idea. Just like heroin.

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