What is seen is already
Broken, and what is depicted
Never was. The artists had
Their agendas, trying to impose
Reality to the limits of oils
And borders, even if a deformation
had to occur. But all that remains
Is another object that reality holds.
But an object is its own being.
Even if the artist casts himself
The failure of his dreams,
And reality tosses his name
To the spaces between air,
The thing stays here for you,
Its meaning simmering into shapes,
the reconfigured glares, the figures
twisted into color, movements
That were not borne of reality
Directly, but are now within
Its domain, changing its air,
Maybe changing you as well.

Written for Reena’s Exploration Challenge #146.

6 thoughts on “Cubism

    1. On the surface, a lot of art movements seem to be at odds with one another in terms of style or philosophy, but I think a lot of the time they end-up sharing the same goal which is to depict reality, or some aspect of reality. I think Cubists were primarily concerned with trying to depict 3-dimensional objects on the 2-d space of the canvas. But regardless of their intentions and highfalutin philosophies, they were just trying to do the same thing artists in the past, but in their own way: trying to capture some part of reality.

      I don’t know why I felt the need to give such a long, unwarranted response, but ehhhhh there we go. Thank you for reading my poem.

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