Within Design

Pull away the skin,
The musculature, the bones,
And nearly all the components
That stricture humanity,
And you will see the threads,
The pale ribbons forced
To ignite meaning.
The world known is borne
Of this web that now sits
Sullen without shape.
Now, you know this.
But for a while we couldn’t
Even imagine that our universe
Rolled through soft alien claws
Beneath our faces. I still
Can’t fully believe it.

It’s a bit strange how little
We knew of ourselves
And the air falling from
The leaves. Shoved blind
Onto terrain; we didn’t even know
How we were alive,
What was pain. Even today,
I don’t understand the aching
Glowing through my gut.
We didn’t decide our design,
Nor were we given the code,
Taking us thousands of years
To understand slightly. Yet,
We still debate on what
We can even eat.
Not even the strange webbing
Understands, encased
In warm shadow.

Written for Reena’s Exploration Challenge #154.

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