Somewhat Truthful – Poems for January

Today i only have a limited amount of time
To describe the barren and beastly fixtures
That cloister this mind. That is all these poems
Have really amounted to. They’re not really here
To communicate an idea, but to convey
The same wretched state the world
Is already witness to. But it’s a good thing
That this is the path i’ve been nudged;
I could have been dropped into a rich estate,
Groomed for statesmanship, another
Well-constructed senator with reverie
For a voice, using a lofty position
To deal with some inner-wants
Regardless of benefit. Fortunately,
For you and i, i’m just an innocent
Without a nugget of power, whose tools
Consist of pens, notepads and cheap
Black tea, writing poems i hope no one sees.

Written for Stream of Consciousness Saturday/Just Jot it January, Word of the Day Challenge, and Fandango’s One Word Challenge. For SoCS, I picked-up Hermann Hesse’s “Strange News from Another Star,” closed my eyes and my finger landed on the word “ignoble.”

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