Target – Poems for January

I had a talk
With the thought,
Asked why
It was doing this,
But it evaporated
Into skin. The day
Puddled into dark
Where I became
A minor reflection.

Later: it came back,
Didn’t even need
A door, pushed away
My food and laid
On the kitchen counter.
Why, why, why.
This time it decided
To stay with its own
Silence. And I had
To forget hunger
As it spread
Into a new room.

A few moments passed
And now I’m 83.
The thought became
Its own door as I froze
In white blankets,
Sterile lights, colorless
Walls blanking starely.
All things converged,
Including me,
To the thought
As it sauntered over
To my side.
An answer hissed
Through its teeth,
But it wasn’t there.
Smiled as the light
Stepped through
The window.

Years and years later
And I’m still alive
And so is something else.
The sky is cement
Against my back
As I struggle to walk
To the grocer.
There are no more
Faces, a few memories
Left rattling in the pockets,
And the thought
Waiting at the curb
Waiting in delight
For me to turn around.

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