Following Another Fire, Following Another Rain – Poems for January

The sky: greyed into this moment
Carried by an eye. Few-days-rain
Still nestled in the roads, pavement
Heavy with stormy memory. Further,
And there are the blackened trees
Shivering above blackened dirt.
People walking, chatting next
To the resting char, where fire
Settled and dissolved itself
Into the latest earth. Walking.
Other side of the road: old woman,
Masked, and squinting against
The sudden gust. Two crows
Mealing over a half-recognizable
Thing. Can a crow gather
Recognition in the remains
Of another; if that were to happen
Would the crow be able
To crow, to be able to move
Within itself? They cock
Their darkened gaze, mildly
Scatter as I step onto the road
Nearby. Another presence.
Each step hustles a thought,
And i wonder if i can hitch
These moments to a useful thing.
I wear the greys in my eye
And the sounds of steps
Cling, and i can still sense
The cool, dead tokens of now-
Silent and anonymous wildfire.

This about wraps it up for “Poems for January.” I spent this month writing and posting a poem each day. Don’t know if I truly learned anything, but I’m starting to get a sharper sense of what my strengths and weaknesses are as a writer.

As I was writing this poem I was listening to a playlist provided by Quickly. I’ve never really listened to folk music, but these songs helped the writing process.

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