FTWT – Being Blake

“See, you have to have the DRIVE and MOTIVATION,” Blake said to the audience of 6. “Because without either then you ain’t going nowhere.”

He moved over to the left side of the stage and moved his hands, but not too much. “You can have the best ideas in the world, but they don’t mean anything if you don’t hustle,” he further explained to the audience of 5.

Blake then went back to the center of the stage. “Dreams become ghosts if you don’t have a vessel for them.” He didn’t really like this line. It seemed good on paper, but once he projected it, it just seemed clunky, unnatural. Everything had to be digestible. Because when you’re a motivational speaker, there’s always a good chunk of audience that is ready to dismiss you. If you use too flowery language it comes across as suspect. You can’t be seen as a salesman. But one of them. But, he continued.

“They will haunt you. And they become agents of regret. And man, you’ve got enough to worry about,” he smiled, waiting for a laugh that didn’t come. But he did see one of them nod. And the other two were just staring at him. “Well…” on and on he went.

And soon, no one was there to listen to him. The auditorium was gone. But, he just kept speaking and speaking. “Hustle, hustle, hustle. Imagine being a crab without a shell. Do you think a crab just sits idle and dreams of having a shell? And waits for it to happen. No! The crab makes it happen!” But the auditorium wasn’t the only place that was empty. Soon, every building in the vicinity seemed to go silent. The cars left the parking lots. And no one was around to hear about dreams and crabs.

Yet, Blake was persistent. With a professional cadence, each word was articulate and properly enunciated, but without seeming too enunciated. He believed he was speaking to everyone at their level, or slightly above.

However, time passed, and when he finally finished his talk, he modestly thanked everyone and walked off stage. As soon as he started wiping his face with a nearby towel, the city started repopulating. People went back to their jobs and lives. And Blake was off to the next town to eagerly spread his wisdom.

Written for Stream of Consciousness Saturday.

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