Small Structures

For the month of July 2019, I wrote something every day using the below prompts. The twist was instead of writing one self-containing story each day, I tried creating a single cohesive narrative for the entire month with each of the daily prompts guiding where the story went. The prompts were courtesy of Writers Write. The story ended-up being about Eric Scheeler, an office worker who gets laid-off. He contemplates work, art, politics, philosophy, and dreams while struggling to survive and find his place in the world.

Below are each of the installments:

  1. The Insomniac Dreams
  2. A New Melody
  3. Redshift
  4. The Division
  5. Into the Water
  6. Agnes
  7. The Return
  8. Grasping for the Shadow
  9. Interior Things
  10. Imposition
  11. What the Hand Knows
  12. Dreams the Insomniac
  13. Ars Poetica
  14. Hints of Life
  15. Unendings
  16. Potential
  17. Hidden Lights
  18. What Distance Comprehends
  19. Placeholders
  20. The Gulf
  21. Reconfigurations
  22. Blueshift
  23. The Invitation
  24. The New Sky
  25. Displacement
  26. The Memory of Fire
  27. The Tree
  28. Control
  29. Gazing at the Dream
  30. A Shift
  31. Remained
  32. Short Reflection on the Challenge